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DSA Vehicle Relocations is setting a new standard in professionalism and customer service to the transport industry.


DSAVR offers a broad spectrum of services to meet the requirements of the transport industry.

We believe in growing our brand with the highest level of importance surrounding professionalism, staff presentation & customer service. When DSAVR promises that we can help you with all of your transport solutions, we mean it!  We’ve got the experience, the know-how and the commitment to provide for every transportation requirement you have.


There are many reasons why your company may need a professional driver to relocate or deliver your vehicle anywhere in Australia.

Including Trade Shows, Film Productions or New Vehicle Deliveries and Relocations.


DSAVR can provide you with experienced drivers to relocate your vehicle, whether it be local or interstate, we have staff available at a moments notice to relocate your vehicle Australia wide.


DSAVR has extensive experience in logistics, operations management, depot management, event transport management, extended touring logistics, special events

and tour planning.


Whether you need us to manage a one off event or require long term logistics or operations management solutions, DSAVR can cater to all your needs.


DSA Vehicle Relocations is affiliated with Shire Bus Service which are an industry leader in providing safe, reliable and professional Bus services for all purposes. SBS offer buses or coaches with friendly, professional staff able to assist you in the coordination of all of your transportation needs for all purposes to any location, so please contact them now with any enquires and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you. These are just some of our service destinations:

*Daily shuttle services

*Day excursions *Corporate events   *Conferences & events shuttles

*Group Airport Transfers *School excursions *Sporting events *Wedding guests transfers

*And much more.

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